About Holloway Reactions

Hello Everyone! Paul here from Holloway Reactions. I thought I would explain how the idea of making reactions came about. In 2019, I was online and looking up several YouTubers as they were reacting to several TV Shows and Movies. I thought to myself “I can do that” and the whole concept is easy. Just film yourself reacting. I came up with some TV Shows and I began my reaction channel.

Little did I know how long the process would take. In 2019, I recorded around 100 reactions to several shows. Little did I know, the whole process is very time consuming….

First you got to film, then you got to edit two different versions. One full length version and the other a shorter version for YouTube. Then you have to find somewhere to store all your files. I finally got everything ready and my reactions where finally hitting YouTube. A project, I have been working on since 2019.

After some of my reactions hit YouTube, it came back with copyright strikes. So I had to go back and edit it according to YouTube’s policies and be compliant with them.

I, then decided to make an official website. This website has two purposes:

  • For YouTube followers to find reactions that won’t make it to YouTube because of copyright issues.
  • For new people to find this website organically and find my YouTube Channel

How can you help?

Support My Full Reactions

Full unedited versions of my reactions are available on my Patreon

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel is about 30 Reactions behind what is on my Patreon but my YouTube Channel is slowly catching up to the amount I have have on Patreon because the time it takes to edit and get it uploaded to YouTube is faster then processing a new Reaction. If I catch up my channel will go into hiatus or I’ll post extra content to fill the void such as Movie Reviews and Reviews on episodes to TV Shows I have already seen.

Buy Products On Amazon

My whole website is coded as a “Amazon Affiliate.” So as you visit this site and click any of the banners or links, I get a small commission on Amazon if you purchase anything. Every purchase made goes to improving the content to my reaction channel.

What Reactions Will you be Covering Regularly?

My regular lineup of shows I am continuing to post on a frequent bases are:

What shows have you seen that you won’t do reactions to because you’ve seen it?

  • Roswell
  • Smallville
  • The OC
  • One Tree Hill
  • Lost
  • Dawson’s Creek
  • Everwood
  • Buffy
  • Angel
  • That 70s Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Two and A Half Men
  • Beavis & Butthead
  • The Simpsons
  • King of The Hill
  • and many more

Is there a main purpose on why your putting your reactions on this website?

The main reason, I put it on a website is if there is any problems with YouTube then the visitor can come to this site to watch the reaction that’s no available on YouTube.

Any shows you are reacting to but not doing all the seasons?

Bates Motel, I reacted to Season 5 but I saw all the other seasons before starting this reaction channel. I may do a review of the first 4 seasons down the line.

Any extras Bonus material on Your Official Website that you can’t get on YouTube?

Two shows that will not be covered on YouTube which is The Ranch, The Flight Attendant and Superstore. Those will only be accessed on this website and my Patreon and it will most likely be Full Version. A thank you for those that do the extra effort and support Holloway Reactions. Those will be posted on this website as an exclusive as soon as I see my ranking for the site is starting to increase.

What do you cover during hiatus?

Covering shows I’ve seen episode by episode in the form of reviews where I break down my thoughts when I first watched it. Also a couple movie reactions. First movie reaction will probably be the new Scream movie (Scream 5)