Charmed S02E12 (Awakened ) Reaction & Review

Charmed (Original)
August 27, 2022
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My thoughts of the 12th episode of Season 2 of The original Charmed after watching it for the first time.

This is probably my favorite episode of Charmed that I have personally seen and it is in my top favorites so far. It doesn’t feel like a filler episode and it does something to the story that involves every single character.

A mysterious fruit shows up at Piper’s P3 business which causes her to fall ill which no one knows what’s going on. Since Piper is knocking on death’s door, they use a spell to cure her. Sounds like personal gains to me. Piper ends up surviving but the spell backfires.

It caused a doll to come to life and contaminate more people at the hospital with the virus. Piper remains cured but the spell transferred it to other people. The doctor becomes rather suspicious of Piper and how she was healed and everyone seems to be having it worse.

Eventually, they agree to reverse the spell causing the virus to stop effecting other but Piper goes back into a critical state. At that moment, the only way to save her is with Leo who ends up clipping his wings in other to save Piper. As Dan goes in to check on her, she says Leo’s name in front of Dan.

I wish all episodes of Charmed where this good because it features all the characters in a situation. This is one of my favorites so far and I hope future episodes will make the episodes less filler and more to the style of this episode.

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