Charmed S02E15 (Give Me A Sign) Reaction & Review

Charmed (Original)
November 25, 2022

Piper wants a sign to pursue Dan or Leo? Who do you think she is going to ultimately choose?

When criminal mastermind Bane Jessup narrowly escapes an attack by a powerful demon, he kidnaps Prue and forces her to use her powers to save him.

Also Piper has a hard time deciding between Dan and Leo but comes to the terms that Leo has always had her heart. She feels like this because Leo and Piper are the heart of the show and well Dan is just simply a rebound. After a rocky start between a whitelighter and neighbor Dan, who would you pick?

If they made Dan more of an interesting character, he could of lasted longer but can you really go against a whitelighter? Ultimately, after Piper dates her rebound Dan, she ultimately decides to break things off with Dan, so she can pursue Leo. Because Leo and Piper, I consider the “Heart Of The Show.” So Piper will always go back to her soulmate.

This is actually side storyline of the episode and the main story for the episode revolves around the recurring character that showed up in the Ms Hellfire episode where Prue got her new Powers and was posing as Ms Hellfire uncovered and finding out why Ms Hellfire was trying to kill them. She had a run in with Bane, who reoccurs in this episode.

I find a lot of the Prue storylines this season to be not that interesting and hope they expand and make her storylines more interesting before her demise in Season 3. I hope the storylines around Prue, gets good storylines but it doesn’t look like it. There have been many Prue centered episodes this season but I have found storylines with Piper and Phoebe to be more interesting. This episode wasn’t all bad because the other half of the episode, we finally figured out who Piper wants to pursue and who she has to let go.

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