Once Upon A Time S01E12 (Skin Deep) Reaction & Review

Once Upon A Time
August 25, 2022
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The whole reason I started reacting to Once Upon A Time was because of the events that happened in this episode…

When I first found out about Once Upon A Time, I knew that Emilie De Ravin was on the show. I first saw Emilie on Roswell which is one of my favorite TV Shows and her character on that show was not well liked. Doesn’t mean the actress was bad, it’s just how her character was written.

After Roswell, ended I followed her to another show called Lost, which is what drew me to that show to begin with. While she was in LOST, there was a time her character disappeared from the show and I think that was when she had to be part of Once Upon A Time which is how I found out that Emilie De Ravin had a bigger role in Once Upon A Time.

When I started reacting to Once Upon A Time, I knew her character was coming and she would much later become a series regular for the show. I knew in the beginning she wasn’t on the show but this is the first time we get introduced to her character as a guest star who would later become a series regular in I think Season 2.

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Skin Deep is basically a retelling of Beauty and The Beast where Rumple captivates Belle (Emilie De Ravin) and starts to fall for her. Its the same story as Beauty and the Beast but in this story since I think Belle is his true love, she can break the spell from Rumple turning into “The Dark One”

His powers begins to fade as they kiss and Rumple sends Belle away. Later to be told by the Evil Queen that she took her own life which destroys Rumple. This storyline couldn’t full me because I knew she would appear later in the series…

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