Roswell S01E05 (Missing) Review

June 17, 2022
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Liz writes 4 entries in a journal, opposed Max,Michael and Isabel in a journal and she doesn’t lock up her journal? Who took Liz’s journal?

Missing, the 5th episode of the first season of Roswell was what I like to call the last of the basic episode in the series. The first 5 episodes set basic episodes to where we get storylines like can Liz and Maria be trusted and what powers do they aliens have. Can the aliens shapeshift? What powers do they have and are they the good guys? Are these the characters we need to be rooting for. The first 5 episodes cover all this in great detail with one final basic episode before the show takes off and starts telling some good stories.

The episode starts off as Liz is in a state of panic as her journal goes missing as she tells Maria this. For the most part this journal has 4 entries in it and in the journal it clearly states she was healed by an alien and alien exist. If the journal lands in the wrong hands, it could be the end of Max, Isabel and Michael.

Liz and Maria start interrogating the possible suspects Kyle and Alex. They suspect Kyle first since Liz broke up with Kyle in the previous episode.

After Liz and Maria are pointing at Alex as the next one to accuse, he takes things personally and tells Toplosky about her journal being missing and them taking it out on Alex. Topolsky at this point is to be seen as acting like the nice guidance counselor by day but she clearly is working for the government as she reports the journal being missing to her team. After reaching a dead in with finding the journal Max finally comes clean to Michael and Isabel and tells them that the journal is possibility in the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, the image of a dome is stuck in Michael head. After touching a key he found in the Sheriff Valenti’s office he got a vision of a dome. He uses art class for a way to bring his vision to life. After his art teaches encourages him to draw something else he tells him, his design is kind of geodesic dome building.

After Max reveals the journal is missing, he finds Liz in the Crashdown and reveals he was the one who took the journal. You didn’t think taking her journal would freak her and everyone else out? His reasons to take it was not to freak her out but whether she could be trusted with “the secret”

Like I said, the first 5 episodes where very basic and after this episode Max,Michael and Isabel basically trust Liz and Maria with the secret and this is the last episode that touches on this issues. The story moves on to bigger threats for this show such as Topolsky and Sheriff Valenti on their trail.

The episode ends with Isabel taking note at one book that Max was reading that he got at the UFO Center and she notices a guy in the picture standing next to what Michael was drawing in his visions. Which leads our characters to the first first major story arc for this season. What’s in that building? Will the key unlock the front door? That is uncovered in the next episode

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