Smallville | Season 1 | Episode 1 | Pilot | Review

March 19, 2022

When I first learned about Smallville, I didn’t want to watch it but it was hard to avoid it with all the buzz going around. They were hyping up this show as the telling of Clark Kent in high school before he became Superman. You could just tell this show was going to be an instant hit and it didn’t even need the hype.

When Smallville was about to air it’s first season, I thought it would hurt another favorite show of mine which was Roswell was entering it’s final season. If I remember, both shows where on different networks and aired at the same time.

So I thought that if I went over to watch Smallville, it would hurt Roswell’s rating for the final season. Like what difference could 1 viewer make? I gave in an watched the Pilot of Smallville and was instantly addicted to the show.

I loved the actors, the story and the overall theme. My only complaint about going into Season 1 was that it was going to be a freak of the week type story for awhile. I preferred having stories about arcs and character developments vs just a freak of the week Clark has to face. Everything from the 2nd episode to the end of Season 1 was a “freak of the week” episode with just minor bits of story and character development along the way. We don’t get into actual character development and better stories until Season 2, which I enjoyed a lot better…

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