Supernatural S01E16 (Shadow) Reaction & Review

November 25, 2022

After 16 Episodes, we finally get a family reunion by it’s cut short…

When I first sat down to watch this episode, I hear the name “Shadow” and think this is just going to be another freak of the week. I was wrong! It was the return of another character that Sam ran into during Episode 11 Scarecrow after Sam and Dean got into a fight. It led Sam to cross paths with a hitchhiker named Meg (Nicki Aycox). It is revealed at the end of the episode as she is summoning something from a bowl and slits the throat of the guy who picked her up. She is clearly after Sam and Dean but why? Is she this seasons big bad? It looks like that and in this episode she makes a return appearance.

Meg runs into a Sam and Dean at a local bar. She just happens to be there? Looks like a stalker with bad motives to me. She is introduced to Dean who she has an argument because of how much Sam was venting about him in the last episode. This leads Sam to fill him in on what happened since she is apparently stalking them now.

Sam is curious and decides to follow Meg and tracks her down as he witnessing her talking to a cup or basically summoning something. This leads into a confrontation with her with Sam and Dean. She basically reveals Sam and Dean are, their fathers weakness and she was setting up a trap for all of them but who is Meg? Is she related to the thing that killed their mother. Sam and Dean escape the clutches of Meg only to find she escaped. Much like the ending to Halloween. She fell out of a building so how could she survive? She must be Supernatural?

They return back to find, there father. Just as they are about to reunite Meg attacks again. After this happens, they are weaker if they are together. So they separate once again so they can become stronger. Once they figure out how to defeat this Supernatural being, they will be together again. Is this the last time we will see John Winchester? Probably Not..

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