The Ranch Part 6,Episode 1(When It All Goes South) Review

Bonus Content, The Ranch
November 25, 2022

The reason I added The Ranch to one of my shows to watch is it personally reminds me of my life of when I grew up in Texas for 16 years. There was a point when I was growing up on a small farm in Texas. It wasn’t like this show though. We had a few horses and chickens but Sam Elliott’s personality strangely reminds me of my dad. Especially from his character on this show, reminds me of what life would of been if my dad didn’t pass away and I didn’t have to move away from that life.

Watching this show reminds me of “What would of live would of been like if I stayed” kinda vibe. When I first decided to make a reaction channel, I went through the first couple of episodes and it reminded me of life in Texas. Growing up southern and living in a small town.

After got to Part 6, I decided to make a Reaction channel out of it. So for an added bonus I added the Full Reactions of Part 6 to my Patreon and deciding whether or not to include them for Free on my official website.

Part 6 is really dealing with the loss of Rooster where Netflix had to fire the actor for reasons I’m not personally talking about but the show went on and they had to write his character out of the show and Part 6 happens to be the season that happens. Roosters starts not showing up and this has everything worried especially Colt who has a confrontation with Nick.

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