Charmed S02E13 (Animal Pragmatism) Reaction & Review

Charmed (Original)
September 1, 2022

The common pattern with Charmed episodes is there is usually an episode I will like and will be my absolute favorite of the season and then the next episode is filler or just an OK. It’s hard to follow up on good solid episodes but I suppose at the time, this show was still new and a lot of the filler type episodes still have to air.

The only storyline to continue from this episode was Leo had to have his wings clips as a Whitelighter for his choice to save Piper when she was sick. That is the only continuing storyline from the last episode and now with Leo’s wings clipped, both Dan and Leo are trying to win over Piper’s heart. Other then that this episode is strictly filler.

Although this episode starts off as a Pheobe centered as she tries to adjust to college life. This episode takes place on Valentine’s Day and it revolves around three classmates who accidentally turn creators of snakes (I friggin hate snakes) and pigs and other reptiles into bachelors they can date for Valentines but that quickly backfires..

The spell works but turn the retiles into human form but they act as the natural instinct of their retile personality. Who would want to date the personality trait of a snake or pig?

Anyway, it takes the Charmed Ones to help them and reverse the spell. So it was a pretty general filler episode which like I said. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t great. I love it when the episode focuses the storyline on Pheobe because Alyssa Milano is my favorite character on the show. The actress seems a lot like her character has the most interesting story. I think the future episodes that aren’t filler, should focus more on Pheobe’s powers becoming stronger like they did to Prue and maybe give her a love interest. Which I have seen some storylines in future seasons that she does get a love interest. I think his name is Cole and he comes in Season 3 but that is all I know.

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