Once Upon A Time S01E08 (Desperate Souls) Reaction & Review

Once Upon A Time
June 17, 2022
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With revealed that Graham died, Emma fights to become Sheriff while Regina has other plans, In Enchanted Forrest We learn what made everyone afraid of Rumplestiltskin as he transitions into the dark one

The last episode must of been the mid season finale because their was a break between episode 7 and 8. The last episode aired on December 11th 2011 and this episode aired January 8th 2012. Must of been for a winter break and the creators wanted to give the audience a big cliffhanger before heading to break.

I had high hopes and thought Sheriff Graham would make it but fully didn’t understand they killed him off till after this reaction. With the sheriff of Storybrooke now dead (Thanks to Regina). Storybrooke needs a new sheriff and everyone encourages Emma to step up to the plate. Regina has other plans and wants someone else to be Sheriff. Regina appoints Sidney Glass.

It is decided that they are going to have a community meeting where the town of Storybrooke community will decide the right person for this job. Regina knows that majority of the community has her back such as Henry,David and Mary Margarget.

Henry’s concern is for Emma as he stated “You Don’t Mess With The Curse.” He stated that Graham got killed because he messed with the curse and he doesn’t want Regina to do the same thing to Emma.

Rumple offers to be Emma’s “benefactor” because Rumple hates Regina and doesn’t want her to win. Rumple states, Regina isn’t as powerful as she think she is and Emma is intrigued by this.

Meanwhile in Enchanted Forrest, Rumple wakes his son, calling him “Bae” (it’s actually short for Baelfire, but who wants to say that name all the time?). He tell Bae that he is leaving town and runs into a local beggar.

A beggar asks for alms in the woods, and Rumple drops him a coin. After they pass by the beggar, they come across the Duke and his men….the same Duke who took Bae’s friend. They demand Bae’s name and age, which Bae gives them, despite Rumple asking him to stay quiet. Bae seems proud of his name, and his father’s name, which the Duke previously mocked. 

The Duke isn’t done screwing around with Rumple, though. He asks where he and Bae are going, and Rumple says to sell wool at the market one town over. The Duke thinks they’re leaving town so Bae can avoid service. 

The beggar tells him how to be consumed with powers of the Dark one is he has to find a dagger and kill the dark one. He would then be consumed by the powers of the dark one. It reveled that the beggar was the Dark one in disguise as Rumple is forced to kill him giving him all the powers of the Dark One.

Now changed, Bae doesn’t like this new powerful version of his father. Regina stalks into Rumple’s shop and calls him a bastard for looking so deeply into the town charter. He assures her they both want what is best for the town, but they are just on different sides. Regina is sure Emma won’t win the election. Rumple is sure she has a pretty good chance. Never underestimate someone who is fighting for her child, Rumple tells Regina. 

It turns out that Emma won the title of sheriff but how? The favor that Emma agreed to in the Price of Gold episode is revealed what the favor was and the debt repaid is having Emma win the title of sheriff over Regina.

He knew saving Regina would get her positive attention, but not enough to win. Knowing she would out him, he set it up that she would win because she stood up to him. 

Emma wants to know why he would go to such Machiavellian lengths to get her elected. 

Rumple tells her the people of Storybrooke are afraid of Regina, but more so of him. The town respects her for standing up to him. Rumple wanted her to be sheriff because she owes him a favor, and he needs her in town to give him time to decide what that favor will be.

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