Once Upon A Time S01E13 (What Happened to Frederick) Reaction & Review

Once Upon A Time
September 1, 2022
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Another Episode that is based in Prince Charming and Snow White. This one is based on Mary Margaret and David wanting to tell Katherine of their love affair and going behind her but but that backfires. In the Enchanted World story, we find Prince Charming helping Abigail looking for Frederick, while he has Snow White on the mind and looking for her. It seems that in both worlds he prefers the company of Snow vs really paying any attention to Katherine/Abigail.

I knew that with David and Mary Margaret sneaking around that this episode had to happen. The big twist at the end is something happens to Abigail and they are immediately putting the blame on David. After everything explodes and Abigail goes missing, David is the first suspects that everyone is forced to believed that he did something to her. Emma is forced to arrest David and put him into questioning.

Although it was great to get another Snow White and Prince Charming episode, I was more interested in the side story, involving the new stranger in town and more about his character. This to me seemed to be the more interesting story because we already have had a hand of episodes with their storylines but we have had more time with them then any other character and I believe it’s because the actors got along really well on set and actually got married in real life. So of course with the creators of the show they were probably begging for more screen time with those characters because they liked each others company.

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