Once Upon A Time | Season 1 | Episode 5 | That Still Small Voice | Reaction & Review

Once Upon A Time
April 14, 2022

My Thoughts on This Episode:

I didn't think I was going to like this episode because this episode was the first episode that didn't really focus on the main characters. There are stories but this episode as far as character development if more focused on Archie Hopper aka Jimmy Cricket (Raphael Sbarge) in Fantasy World.

I like seeing his story and the character of doing good deeds for people that carries through his "alter ego" in Story Brook. As far as story goes, Henry is trying to convince everyone that his stories about everyone being fairytale characters is real, which leads Archie and Henry suck in the mine and the whole town pitching in to save them. 
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My History with Once Upon A Time:

I first found out about Once Upon A Time after binge watching through LOST. I knew the actress on LOST who played Claire (Emilie De Ravin) was on the show. I also knew that it had a similar style of storytelling that builds characters by having each episode focus on a specific character. 

I binged the first three episodes but as I was binging it, I got confused after the first three episodes then I stopped...
I gave it another try when I decided to make a reaction channel and I have to say what I have seen so far, I am enjoying what I have reacted to so far. I will be finishing this series with my reaction channel. 

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