Roswell | Season 1 | Episode 3 | Monsters | Review

April 7, 2022

Are these aliens really Monsters? Who is the true villains of the story?

The first two episodes of the series throws into this group of aliens and the 2 humans that know they exist. With Sheriff Valenti being highly suspicious of everything, it raised the questions of who to trust. Max, Michael and Isabel pretty much take Max’s word for it and explain that LIZ can be trusted. What about Maria? Can she be trusted with “the secret?”

When Maria see’s Isabel stranded on the road, offers to pick her up. Isabel gets under Maria skin, it distracts her and she runs into Sheriff Valenti’s car. This causes the sheriff to assume that Maria knows something or he thinks she is led in on “the secret” so he continues to see if he can make Maria spill the big secret. The whole episode is regarding whether Maria can be trusted with knowing this secret.

The way this was promoted and if you watch the promo above, it would appear that Maria will confess but that is all hype. At the end of the day Maria finds something that she can relate to with Isabel and keeps the secret.

This episode is mainly filler, in my opinion. As an audience you know that there will be bigger enemies then to have the core two people just reveal everything that has happened in the last episode. The first 4 episodes are really centered on the “Can the humans be trusted with the secret” and we learn a little more about each alien. Other then the Maria drama in this episode, we learn about Isabel’s ability to “dreamwalk” which is the ability that only she has and it’s the ability to walk into people’s dream and see what the are thinking when they are dreaming.

Roswell, even though it is one of my favorite television shows of all time has a rocky start but every show has the beginner episodes they have to get out of the way first and this is one of them. The show doesn’t start picking up as far as story till after episode 4…

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