Supernatural S01E13 (Route 666) Reaction & Review

September 1, 2022
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Route 666 is my least favorite episode of Season 1 and probably moving on to the rest of the series it will be one of my least favorite episodes of the series. Bugs which I have already reacted to and thought it was lacking but the Supernatural of it being “Bugs” was a little more believable. The Supernatural that Sam and Dean are drawn to is an invisible truck that attacks people.

I felted the acting was not good in this episode. Not by the regulars of Sam and Dean but the supporting cast that was in this episode. Especially the scene where she’s explaining how the Supernatural being became a ghost that just attacks people.

The only arc in this episode is for Dean, who we learn actually had a relationship with someone briefly and revealed what his “job” was to her which broke them up because she couldn’t handle it but it forces them back after the Supernatural being starts attacking people and they have to deal with it.

Even though it was a nice little character development to know he had a relationship, it kind of explains a little about Dean and why he is so closed off to other people.

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