Supernatural | Season 1 | Episode 3 | Dead In The Water | Reaction & Review

April 7, 2022

When I first heard about Supernatural before making this reaction channel and when this episode first aired, it was probably the only time I was exposed to this show during the first run. I remember watching the promo and observing that Amy Acker was in it. I was familiar with her and being on Angel and was interested in seeing her in other roles. Seeing how this is a New show at the time and watching it, I wouldn’t get too far behind. I still decided to skip…

When I finally sat down to watch it for my Reaction Channel, I started noticing a pattern in the episode. After watching the first two episodes… I noticed how this show is going to be structured. It’s basically going to be a Supernatural baddie and Dean and Sam have to defeat it in every episode. I am thinking to myself, how does this show last so long with this formula. With 3 episodes in, there aren’t any real character development yet.

Only three episodes in, we know the formula so far and it seems that Sam and Dean will encounter a situation with characters where they encounter characters that lead them into a situation where they have to defeat a Supernatural being. This formula seems like it will get boring very fast. I understand, that when a series starts they have to get the basics out of the way but constant fillers will turn your audience away very quickly and it seems like somewhere along the way the creators of the show changed something about the show for it to have lasted as long as it did.

Now on with the episode, when I did sit down and watch it for the first time…I enjoyed this one more then episode two. Like I stated in my reaction, the first few episodes are Supernatural being that are fear based. This episode is very fear based. The scenario that there is something in the water that can attack you at any time is kind of fear based. Especially, if you have a fear of the water. You can tell in the reaction that I don’t go sailing on a boat or am around any water. The idea that some hand can jump out of the water and drown you, is a creepy Supernatural being.

So we of course find out that the Supernatural being is linked to someone’s back story. Kind of similar to what happened to Jason in the original, Friday The 13th movies. The monster was linked to the past of the other characters on this show and the only reason for the killings to stop was for the source of that problem to die. Thankfully, Amy Acker’s character, Andrea Barr survived but will she return? Probably not…

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