Supernatural | Season 1 | Episode 4 | Phantom Traveler | Reaction & Review

April 7, 2022

So Dean Is Afraid of Flying? With All The driving he does who would of known this to be true?

In my last reaction, I talked about how this show is getting all the basic Supernatural being in the first few episodes. In the last episode it dealt with a fear of water and episode 4 dealt with the fear of flying. Guess who has a fear of flying? Dean! Thats why he drives everywhere. I bet after this episode in future season that the Supernatural being Dean has to face is more on his fear of flying. Dean and Sam have to exorcist the demon while on the flight which is hard enough but I bet in future episodes, we will revisit this again and Dean will have to actually flight a plane which at that point, I think he will conquer his fear. I don’t think he has conquered it yet. I predict more episodes with Dean’s fear of flighting will be in the future of this show…

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This episode aired after September 11th 2001. It aired October 4th 2005 which parts of this episode unrealistic. I have only been on one plane ride since 9/11 but I do know there are more security measures at play. For example, I don’t know if the flights have one or two people that know how to operate a plane but the realistic approach to how the Pilot came out and was easily taken my Sam and Dean. In a real situation, the airlines rarely see the pilot or interact with them for fear that he could be taken over by terrorists.

That makes this episode unrealistic because even in this scenario, the Pilot would never come out of the cockpit. Other than that, this was yet again another filler episode but it answered the question. Why does Dean drive everywhere? Why doesn’t he just fly? This episode answered that question. I do predict that Dean will have to face his fears with flying in the future. Future episodes he might even have to land a plane.

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