The Walking Dead | Season 1 | Episode 4 | Vatos | Reaction & Review

The Walking Dead
April 7, 2022

The moments I am writing this review, I watched another YouTubers Reaction on this episode. It is always great to see other people start this show from the very beginning and as they were watching this episode for the first time, it helped me in remember what I needed to say for the review portion of this reaction. When I first watched, The Walking Dead, I binged through the first 5 seasons. I didn’t know at the time that I was going to make a reaction channel.

It became hard for me to watch week by week after Season 6 so I got behind but got familiar with all the big things that happened through the 2nd half of the series that I missed out on. I began just watching the series through the eyes of other reactors which is fun because you get to interact with people.

What goes on in episode Vatos, we are left with storylines back at the camp where, Jim has haunting dreams and starts digging holes which starts to creep people at the camp out. Meanwhile, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog and Glenn find another group of survivors. Their motives seem like the have bad intentions at first but Rick discovers they are caring for the elderly. This episode answers, the question… What happened to majority of the elders after the outbreak happened. Most probably died but the luckier ones found groups like the Vatos crew that are trying to take care of them.

The episode ends with an attack at the camp when they have their guards down. Andrea’s sister, Amy and Carol’s abusive husband ED, get bit before Rick and company come back with the guns to save everyone else at the camp. It is at that moment that Jim realized why he dug those graves…

The episode is the start of the feeling that no one is safe on this show and even if you put your guard down for 1 second, one of the main characters can go at any second. No one is safe in “The Walking Dead.”

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